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So you want to increase website traffic?

So you want to increase website traffic?

The question of how to increase website traffic is one that has plagued web developers and marketers alike for many years. Unfortunately, there is no magic formula for increasing website traffic and it’s just a game of hard work, trial and error. The great news is that there are a lot of people who have already put in the hard work, and you can quite often just follow their models.
Businesses are relying more and more on online sales in order to succeed, and having high website traffic is an important measure of success (not to mention crucial for good SEO rankings). In the case of online businesses the key to high sales is a ubiquitous web presence, or being found easily online. There have been numerous books on how to advertise your website, how to increase online sales and do it yourself SEO, which are all helpful tools for how to increase website traffic. Here are a few more tips you can easily put to use and some recommendations from the experts on how to increase website traffic.
1.       Consider your content. Read through each webpage with a critical eye asking yourself if the content makes sense and is easy for an individual outside of your industry to understand. When in doubt keep the content simple. Still unsure if your content is English enough? Ask a friend to look at it and give you their honest opinion. If the average person can’t understand the content in your website, chances are Google can’t either! Complicated content is a typical cause of low or reduced website traffic.
2.      Restructure your site. Engagement and simplicity are the golden rules of websites today. Your website should be easily navigable and contain content that is engaging and relevant to viewers. Nothing scares people away like cluttered difficult to navigate websites. Consider adding photos and videos to up the engagement factor.
3.      Spread the word. Look into methods for how to advertise your website online. You won’t magically get a spike in traffic without some publicity. Learning how to advertise your website online might sound like a daunting task, but rest assured there are a lot of great “how to advertise your website” seminars online and advertisers are generally keen to teach you. Google Ad Words is a great starting point. There are numerous tutorials on how to advertise your website online, so mastering the skills shouldn’t be too difficult.
Put these tips on how to increase website traffic to use is a great starting point to increasing site traffic and revenue. Keep in mind a good, clear foundation for the website is the most important part, so make sure your site is structured well and is easily understandable before jumping into a costly advertising campaign.