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Domain Tips for SEO

Domain Tips for SEO

Exact Match Domains and Domain Best Practices

Looking to purchase a domain? There are many SEO benefits to owning an exact match domain (EMD) that conatins important keywords (ie: here are a few tips to consider before settling on a domain name. 


- Always be willing to spend 10-15% of your overall budget on the BEST domain name you can get. It will make a big difference in both the short and long run. Dive into the aftermarket, and send some emails.

- Skip the second level TLD’s - .mobi / .travel / .info isn’t worth it.

- No more than one dash in your domain (better to just skip dash domains altogether)

- 3-4 words max for .com EMD’s

- 2-3 words max for .net/.org EMD’s

- Best to build a Brand site on a keyword domain so you get both brand mentions and generic intent keywords (see owned by and associates)

- Geo-local EMD’s are great to own, and offer lower barriers to entry

- You're going to have to focus some efforts on "de-optimization"


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